The Right Way To Get Insurance Leads

When you ask yourself, "How can I get insurance leads?", what should you really be asking yourself?

The answer: How much am I willing to spend to get a new client?

This is the first question every insurance agent, financial planner, sales pro, and business owner should ask themselves before they begin a marketing strategy, start a lead generation program, or even buy leads. Why? Because it forces you to find out exactly what the value of a client is to your business. It's valuable information because you'll know how much to spend on your marketing and insurance lead generation.

But lets take the question, "How can I get insurance leads?" a step further...

Most insurance agents and financial planners often revert to the question, "What is the least amount of money I can spend to generate a lead?" Instead, you should be figuring out how much a new client is worth to your business, and figure out what the maximum amount of money you can spend to get a new client in the door. Because if you are looking for cheap alternatives to getting new clients in the door, you will get cheap results.

Assuming you are going to implement the right kind of marketing (Direct Response), and test, you will have success in spite of yourself. But if you revert to spending money on Branding, fancy letterhead, and letting advertising reps and Yellow Pages salespeople talk you into their programs, you will spend money and waist it...big time.

If you want to get insurance leads using your own marketing systems, get insurance leads using direct response marketing systems. It's the best long term strategy you will put into place in your business.

Have a prosperous 2007!

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