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The bonus I want to send you consists of two insurance and financial planning advertisements you can use as display ads, postcards, or even online to generate your own leads...

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All you have to do is fill out their form and send your welcome email to brian(AT)leadstampede.com (with "2 Advertisements" in the subject line), and I'll send you the insurance advertisements (a $99.00 bonus) FREE!

This insurance advertisements bonus is worth much more than $99. If you hired me to write these insurance advertisements (also can be financial planning lead generation ads) you would pay in the neighborhood of $1250.00.

AllWebLeads.com is one of our top 2 insurance lead generation companies (not much separating them from the #1 spot). They have excellent qualified leads. Read our AllWebLeads.com review here.

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Brian Maroevich

PS: This bonus is available for 7 days only and you get it simply for filling out AllWebLeads.com form. By filling out the form you ARE NOT obligating yourself to buy leads from them (you really should because they are excellent). Read the directions above to get your $99 bonus F.R.E.E.!

PPS: AllWebLeads.com does provide an incentive to me for referring agents to them. Enough to buy a few soy lattes ;-) Is it worth giving away two of my killer insurance and financial planning advertisements? Let me answer it this way. My goal is to provide at least ten times more value than the price of my products. Since AllWebLeads.com is not a product of mine and I am requesting that you jump through a hoop -- filling out the AllWebLeads.com form in this case -- I want to reward you for taking a few minutes of your time.

PPPS: I reserve the right to cancel this offer at anytime.