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insurance prospecting

The following insurance prospecting tips and ideas may seem basic, but they are crucial to building a firm foundation to effective prospecting and lead generation in the financial services. Read the entire article. I I am sure you will be reminded of something you are not doing, or discover a new prospecting idea that you didn't think of.

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When it come to financial planning marketing and lead generation, studying insurance prospecting tips and ideas will work even more effectively because frankly, it's much easier to position yourself as an advisor/consultant and generate leads than it is to position yourself as an insurance product salesmen. So, study up...

There are a number of things that you need to learn and implement in order to find more people who are qualified and interested in buying your products and services. When prospecting for insurance, there are many areas that can be improved right away.

Insurance Prospecting Tip #1 To improve your current prospecting efforts, you need to target a specific group of people that are the most likely to be interested. From all the leads that you have generated, you should know those groups of people to contact first and those with the highest potential of being sold. Target these prospects immediately. No leads? Start using the Internet, offline advertising strategies, and your referral marketing techniques to generate leads.

Insurance Prospecting Tip #2: For example. One way you can do this is with direct mail. Send a package of sales material which can include a cover letter, special report, and return reply form. Do not send glossy brochures. They will be thrown in the trash. This needs to be targeted to the prospects core desires.

Have the sales material clearly indicate the solution that you offer to your prospects and how you can deliver that to them. The sales material should grab the attention of the prospect and stand out from all your competitors. Differentiation is the key to be being noticed.

Insurance Prospecting Tip #3: Having a great follow up sequence is a key ingredient in improving your insurance prospecting results. The very best insurance agents have a systematic approach in place. This means that the system has been designed to deal with fresh prospects. Even an agent or planner with the worst letter and telephone skills in the world will have better results and consistent results than the guy or gal who doesn't have a system in place. You need to follow up with your prospects once your prospecting materials have been sent. Call them, or have another piece of direct mail sent. Consider using scarcity to entice the prospect to buy with some urgency.

The very best insurance agents follow up right away while the prospect is still warm to the offer. The offer needs to be reaffirmed to them right away in terms of the results that they will receive. The best way to follow up immediately is via the phone, unless you can arrange a personal consultation. Of course, you cannot meet with every prospect, so a phone call is still the best method (check the no not call laws in your state).

client meeting

Insurance Prospecting Tips #4: One of the easiest ways to increase your bottom line is simply by generating more insurance leads. I know, you are thinking...'Obvious! But how do you do that?' For example, start a newsletter and send it to your clients every month. Ask your clients for names of people who would like to get your newsletter. Make sure it's not boring insurance and financial stuff. Put some personality into it. You will find your newsletter to be a very important lead generation and referral marketing tool. But like I said, it has to be fun, interesting, and helpful. Do it. You'll thank me later...

Insurance Prospecting Tips #5: Also, you can improve your referral marketing process, which is not hard to do. Always ask for referrals. The best time to ask is right after you have made the sale and have proven your worth to a customer. If you ask the customer at this time, they are very likely to agree and start referring you to others. This needs to be a core strategy in your insurance prospecting.

If you are given a referral from a customer, then make contact with them right away. Don't let another day go past without any initial contact. You need to have a habit of making contact with your referrals in the first or second day. The best way to manage referrals is via a system.

If you lave too much time between the lead and the follow up call, then you are likely to lose the sale. Fast action is very important here.

Once the follow-up call has been made, you will then need to arrange an appointment. Once you have a personal meeting, then you are very close to closing the deal. Have your sales presentation memorized.

Using the tips above can dramatically improve your insurance prospecting and financial planning lead generation results.

Insurance Prospecting tips SIDE BAR: About ten years ago, Dan Kennedy said something that has stuck with me (paraphrased): "Big doors swing on little hinges." In other words, sweat the little things you do in your client services and marketing. For example, here is one little hinge..

Besides the newsletter insurance prospecting tip, this prospecting idea is a very underrated yet powerful mechanism: Send a thank you letter to ever single potential client. You send this thank you note to thank a potential client for meeting with you. You send a thank you note after you sell a product or service. You send a thank you note after someone asks for your special report or newsletter. And you send a thank you note periodically just to say thank you to your clients.

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