Insurance Sales Jobs and Prospecting Go Hand In Hand...

Insurance sales jobs are in abundance if you count commission only positions. In this down economy paid positions are not as available. However, it's all about selling yourself.

Back in the early nineties when I was in market for an insurance sales career I hit every contact I had for an introduction. Eventually I had job offers from several companies, and that was during a recession.

Just loading your resume on or is not going to land you instant insurance sales jobs. You have to pound the pavement, make calls, send than you cards (even to those that reject you).

Think about your prospect. He or She is looking for hungry sales people who can close. So find them or get introductions to these decision makers and make an impression. And here is the key: Close them on an interview or just to get coffee so that you can show them why they should hire you. Don't take no for an answer. Some will reject you, some will test you, others will give you that appointment.

If you get the appointment, the only person from keeping you from getting the insurance sales job is you.

So what do you do at the appointment? Call people who know this decision maker like other people who have insurance sales jobs underneath the decision maker and ask them what are their hot buttons.

In my experience you are ahead of the game if you can...

  • Show results. Whether in the insurance industry or outside the industry be prepared to give examples of results you've achieved. Focus on results.
  • Sell anything. Have a friend or family member surprise you with things that you are required to sell them on. For example, I was in the final interview process when one of the top sales managers interrupted my conversion with her partner and said, 'Sell me this stapler'. Needless to say I did, and I'll never forget the look on her face as I closed her in 10 seconds.
  • Study top products. You should study their newest and hottest products and show your knowledge of the features and benefits of these products and how you will sell them to prospective clients.

In my opinion these are top 3 things managers will look for. But you've got to prospect for insurance sales jobs just like you are going to prospect clients.

  • Target the decision makers.
  • Get the appointment.
  • Close them.

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