How To Get Medicare Leads

If you want Medicare leads, or any quality leads for that matter, the new Medicare drug plan is a perfect opportunity for you to begin to capitalize upon.

In the short time that we have spent researching the new Medicare plans, the best way to describe our findings is confusion. And this is good for you because there are millions of people who feel the same is the time to start your marketing and generate leads like crazy.

How do you get Medicare leads? Simple. Learn the ins and outs of this new plan in your state and provide:

1) A free guide on how to choose the right plan

2) Conduct free seminars

3) Make the Medicare plan simple to understand and reveal this information in your newsletter

4) Ask for referrals to seniors or those who need the most assistance in this area, and send them your information

5) Send out a press release about your seminars and/or free information that helps people understand the new plans

If generating Medicare leads sounds like it's too much work to create the information product and seminars, you can make things easier by hiring someone to write the information product for you. And you can joint venture with other professionals who are experts in Medicare related fields, like estate planning (attorneys), etc., to help you organize and share the expense of a seminar.

The bottom line is to just do something, take action, and overcome challenges to creating a successful marketing strategy.

Timing is really important, so if you want to get a cash flow surge now, and tons of Medicare leads...or quality prospects for your agency, you need to start taking action now because there are millions of people confused about the new Medicare plans and there is massive media coverage which makes it easy to leverage in your marketing efforts and therefore boost response.

Baby Boomers.

Born from 1946-1964, there are 40 million of them already receiving retirement benefits. There will soon be 72 million of them.

11,000 people every day turn 65.

And agents are falling over themselves to buy Medicare Supplement leads for these Baby Boomers.

Hometown Quotes now offers Medicare Supplement (Med Sup) leads to agents!

So, if you are reviewing leads and have a Med Sup section, you will definitely want to use Hometown Quotes.

If you don’t have a Med Sup section, you should definitely add it. This is too large of a market to miss out on.

Here are the details on our Med Sup leads:

Base Price: $10.00
Agents can pick minimum age from 64-68.
Same top quality!

They provide excellent leads and even better support.

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