A Real Estate Agent Sends A Real Estate Lead Generation Letter To A Direct Marketing Pro!

Can you learn from a real estate lead generation letter?

My real estate agent may have a better grasp of marketing than most business owners and sales pros. Here's why...

My wife and I just received a prospecting letter from our agent, and it's pretty darn good. Not a world class sales letter, but it's good enough. I am 99.9% sure he he didn't write it himself, but most people wouldn't have a clue about that.

What can you learn from this real estate lead generation letter? You'll see that the letter accomplishes many things, including:

1) A contact (every month you don't contact your clients and prospects, you lost 10% of them or more).
2) An appointment: Get your clients and prospects in front of you (enought said).
3) A free gift
4) Positions himself as different
5) Good will

In addition to this prospecting (lead generation) letter, my agent also sends out a newsletter every three months or so. My agent does not do a phenominal job of using direct response marketing (he is very good in person), but at least he is doing something (Key: doing something. Most people sit in their office chair and think, and never take action). Plus, he uses the phone a lot.

What are you sending to your clients this month? At the time of this article it's Christmas. What's your Christmas theme (I'll write about incorporating a theme into your marketing later on). What are you sending every month?

You should be sending a newsletter every month, with other forms of contact like the real estate lead generation letter my agent sent to us. Plus, get on the phone. Combine these mini systems along with 2 or 3 other mini systems (prospecting letters, postcards, seminars etc.), and you will succeed in spite of yourself. Just Do It!

Merry Christmas!

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