Referral Marketing Secret 2: How To Generate Leads and Referrals With Info Products

Here is Referral Marketing Secret Number 2. Info Products:

As you get to know my marketing techniques you'll find that I suggest the use of info products for all kinds or marketing and lead generation strategies.

An info product (or information product), is something that comes in the form of a report, guide, audio, video, or webpage that contains valuable information.

An information product is an excellent lead generator because it can have a very high perceived value and cost very little to create and reproduce.

You can also use one information product and leverage it into multiple lead generation strategies. I'll get into that at a later time.

In this case we are going to use an information product to generate referrals.

Let's say you create a report on saving money on car insurance. And you name it...

"How To Slash Your Payroll Taxes By At Least 20%!"

This is only an example. You can create a report for any type of insurance or financial planning service.

This as a very effective lead generation tool for your print and online marketing efforts. But here's how you can use it instantly to get referred leads...

Mail it to your clients and write a cover letter along with a separate form to fill in names and addresses of friends and family members who may want to have a copy.

Make it downloadable and send an email to your list. But link to a page that requests the names and email address of friends and family members who may want the report as well...

Or, after they download the report send a thank you email. And then send another email 7 days later asking them what they thought of the report. Ask them to fill in the names and email addresses of friends and family members or business associates) who may want the report.

Create reports, guides, and newsletter with this material.

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