Referral Marketing Secret 3: Info Products, Leads, and Referrals Continued

Here is Referral Marketing Secret Number 3.

This one leverages off of the previous tip...

Before you write a report or create a video, find out what your current clients and prospects want and then send it to them.

Email your client list and tell them that your company (or you) are writing guides that will help small business owners (seniors, retirees etc.) in a variety of ways and that they (or you) want to give them a copy of one at no cost to them.

Write down 3 or 4 titles of reports that cover certain areas that your clients may have find interesting. Maybe something like:

  • Ten Ways To Save Taxes Increase Profits
  • How To Reduce Workers Comp Claims By 50% or More AND Lower Premiums
  • Why These Employee Benefits Increase Moral and Productivity
  • Without Increasing Costs

...or something like that.

Send your list a personal email, and then wait for the replies.

Once you get requests, create the reports. They don't have to be 8 pages. Even a one or two page report is fine. As long as the information is helpful.

Send your list their requested guides and then say something like...

'Here is the special report you requested called, 'How To Reduce Workers Comp Claims By 50% or More AND Lower Premiums'...

Hey, what's going on with your workers comp anyway?'

Or something like that. Just ask an open ended question and get a dialog started. Once they reply, you can continue with emails, or just call them and get the ball rolling.

After you send the report follow up with another thank you and then use Secret #2 to request referrals for the report or reports.


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