Referral Marketing Secret 5: Survey Marketing Secrets!

Here is Referral Marketing Secret Number 5. Survey your way to referrals and leads...

Survey's are an excellent way to:

  • Find out what you are doing wrong and right
  • in your business...
  • Find out what your prospects and clients want...
  • Get testimonials...
  • Get referrals...

Here is what you do.

Create a simple survey and mail it to your clients and prospects.

Create on online survey and email it to your clients and prospects.

Ask questions that help you understand what your clients are most interested in. For example, ask them what interests them most and to rank it with 1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest...

  • Saving money on health insurance
  • Saving money on auto insurance
  • Planning for retirement
  • Learning about long term care
  • Paying for my children's college education

Etc. Etc.

Also ask what they like most about your services, and what they like least.

In addition, ask them to sum up their feelings about you and your services. Ask them to sign it (for the print version)Put check boxes for them to check Yes or No to use their comments in your marketing. You'll get more Yes's than No's.

Now you have discovered very important information about your business so that you can improve it, market it more efficiently, and you gathered testimonials.

In addition, it's another chance to 'touch' your clients and prospects. They'll appreciate your efforts, and everyone respects professionals that go out of their way to improve their businesses.

Once you find out what your clients and prospects want most, create an information product or hold a seminar on the subject.

The next Referral Secret (#6) leverages off this one so stay tuned...

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