Here is Referral Marketing Secret Number 6. Instant Referrals:

Now that you have created a survey and discovered what you are doing right and wrong, fix the things you are doing wrong. Improve the things you are doing right...

You have also discovered the areas that your clients and prospects are most interested in.

Now, create one or all of the following (especially a seminar or teleseminar) on the subjects they are interested in:

  • Seminar
  • Teleseminar (cheap and easy to do)
  • Report
  • Video
  • Audio

Become an expert in the area or areas that most interest your clients. Don't worry, you don't have to be a PHD. Simply creating a report puts you in the expert status category, and perception is everything.

Once you are ready to hold your seminar or telesimar, invite your entire list of clients and prospects. Notify joint venture partners and ask them to notify their list. Make it easy for them by writing a letter and email for them to send to their list.

Referral Key: Provide an easy way for your clients and prospects to get their family, friends, or associates to attend your telesimar or seminar.

Now you have multiplied your list and referrals, established expert status, and you are on your way to bigger more exciting things in your business.

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