Referral Marketing Secret 7: Free Press Made Easy!

Here is Referral Marketing Secret Number 7. Free Press

I covered a unique article writing secret in Referral Secret #5.

Here's more...

In the last secret I revealed a very powerful survey strategy.

Take it even further by presenting your results to the press.

Send a press release to local and national papers about your findings:

South Bend Senior Advisor Discovers ClientsWill Do Anything To Stay Out Of A Nursing Home!


99% Of Families Not Able To Pay For Children's College Education!

Yes, a little dramatic, but it's compelling. That's how you get the attention of the media.

Once you get an article in the local or national paper you can use it in your marketing and referral generation.

Send a copy to your clients and prospects, write about it in your newsletter and blog, use 'As SeenIn...' on your marketing.

Now you can advertise and invite clients and prospects to your teleseminar or seminar, and send a pressrelease on your 'Free' seminar that covers that subject.

By the way, did you know you can have your teleseminar replayed over and over?

Once you complete your teleseminar you can use it in your marketing. You can have it're-launch' to your online list over and over and they think it's live every time, so it'sworking for you over and over, generating leads and referrals.

Secondly, you can burn it to a CD and offer a hard copy (higher perceived value) as a lead generatorand to give to clients (long shelf life).

In addition, you can ask clients for the names and addresses of people that would like to have a copyof your CD, or to attend your (pre recorded) teleseminar.

Re-read the last few tips and meld them all together.

Please keep me apprised of your efforts and successes in implementing these referral secrets.

I have more referral lead generation tips coming your way...

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