Social Media Insurance Marketing Basics!

Social Media Insurance Marketing: How To Market Insurance and Financial Planning Services

Social media for insurance agents and insurance agencies? Yes, it can work, and it's something that every insurance agent and agency needs to get involved with.

Social media insurance marketing: Unless you've been hiding under a rock somewhere you've read about social media and experienced some of the social media sites like

Social media is exploding, and it's not just for kids anymore. The fastest growing demographic on are women 55 and older. That is a very influential group.

Social media insurance marketing: A guide to insurance marketing using social media sites and tools...

Social media marketing should be part of your overall marketing strategy because that is where a large percentage of your current and prospective clients are. If you are not actively using social media in your business you are going to be left behind in the near future, and you will be leaving money on the table.

Is social media insurance marketing and financial planners? You bet it is. Large insurance companies are spending millions on their own social media marketing endeavors, and the best thing about it is it's a wide open playing field.

An independent insurance agent or financial planner has as much, arguably more, advantages when it comes to social media marketing because social media is about...connections. It's more about connecting with friends, co workers, family, and clients on a one on one basis and group basis than with big business. Although, big business can thrive and prosper using social media marketing systems (more on that later).

Social Media Insurance Marketing: How To Get Started.

First, let me be frank. Simply creating an account on Facebook, twitter, or any other social media outlet is not going to bring in an avalanche of leads.

But if you use the social media tools consistently you will build a community of friends and fans, and slowly but surely, if you do it right, you'll get hot leads flowing down your pipeline.

Social Media Insurance Marketing: Is It A Lot Of Work?

It takes work to set a social media marketing campaign properly. But posting, linking to content and videos to friends and 'fans' is easy and fun. And that is where you should start.

To get a small taste of what people are experiencing, sign up for a personal account now. Get some friends and start sharing.

After you get a good feel for it, create a business page (fan page) on Facebook. There are a lot of tools and strategies you need to get it rolling as a lead generator, so I'll leave all that for you to play with. But keep it simple at the start. Or, even better, hire someone to do it for you.

Get a Twitter account and link it to your Facebook fan page.

Social Media and Insurance Agents Marketing: Get 25 Fans.

Your goal is to just get 25 'fans'. Up until a few weeks ago people simply clicked a button on your fan page that said something like 'become a fan'. But now all they click is a 'Like' button which is much better (and they become a fan that way).

You want 25 fans so that you can get your own unique Facebook URL. So instead of something like this:!/porsche?ref=ts

You get:

After you get your unique url, then deploy a social media insurance marketing and financail planning campaign. Hire someone like myself or another social media marketing wiz to do it for you. You don't have time to manage set up and management of it. Or, maybe you do. Maybe you have a staff member who can study and implement it? If so read this Social Media Marketing Book for starters.

To get your personal Facebook account, and a fanpage started is easy. And running them is a no brainer. It's actual setting up and deploy a insurance agents social media marketing campaign that can be a little tricky and overwhelming. But the main thing is to get started.

It requires just a few minutes of your time every day after you get your social media accounts and tools set up.

See, social media is about building a community by building your 'friends', 'followers', and 'fans' using the free tools on and, and the paid advertising tools on as well. And then funneling them into a lead generation system.

When you begin to build a community you will build a lead funnel that will keep chugging along so long as you keep working it. And it's fun.

Use social media insurance marketing to build a community they will help you build your business for you.

I starting using Facebook because I wanted to connect with some old friends. The reason I got on with is because I learned of the passing of one of my classmates. A friend linked me to a memorial event page for her on, and this is where I discovered dozens of long lost friends and classmates...

So I signed up with Facebook. It was the only way to send them a message and send my condolences.

It was emotional, and it still is because I re-connected with people that I never would have had I not joined And my story is the same has millions of others. gets more people searching and clicking on ads than Google now. And they are bigger than America...over 400,000,000 users!

Now that I understand how works as a real user and fan, I have a whole new perspective on it, appreciate it, and now I will show you how to use it to your advantage too.

Now is the time to get started with social media insurance marketing. If you are interested in having us create a Fan page, or you want to get your website ranked in Google local search results contact us now before we are too busy to handle any more clients.

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