Agent Makes Appointment Setting Easier!

Discover His Secrets On How To Set An Appointment...

Is your appointment setting a difficult and draining task? If you answered

YES, then I have good news for you. I recently got an email from one of our subscribers who recommended an insurance lead generation company. He stated that he was having success setting appointments with one of the lead generation companies we have suggested. But that he was closing even more insurance leads from another company. I asked him if he wanted to share his secrets on appointment setting (because his closing ratio on internet life insurance leads is darn good). His name is Paul M. and he asked me not to use his full name because he didn't want his company to find out.

Here is what Paul had to say on how to set an appointment using internet generated life insurance leads...

If I'm sitting on the computer when the lead comes in, I immediately pick up the phone if it's before 9 p.m. at night. If it's after or close to 9 p.m., I drop them a quick e-mail and then tell them I will call them tomorrow evening, and leave my information on how they can contact me if they need to reach me sooner. (Nobody's taken me up on that yet, but it's the idea that the remember that I got a hold of them immediately.)

Proven Appointment Setting Tips

Here's what Paul uses:

Hi, how are you doing today? Great. (my name) with (my company) out of (my city and state). I understand that you're looking for information about (life insurance, long term care, annuities, etc.). I usually work mainly on referrals, but I had a lull in my schedule, and I'm going to be close to where you live in the next few days, and I thought I'd see if I could help you with your needs. Out of curiosity, what got you interested in (Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Annuities, etc.)? You know, you're one of the smart ones.

People usually contact me about ten seconds after I can't help them. Wondered when a good time would be for us to get together for about thirty minutes so I could ask you a few questions and give you a chance to ask me some questions to see if (my company) and I can help you. I've got next Tuesday and it looks like Thursday open. Tuesday, great! Morning or afternoon better.

Now, here is what he says at the appointment to close the deal...

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