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Life Insurance Sales Tip Part !: Paul M. graciously shared his appointment setting tip with us.

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Let's begin...

"Glad to meet you. I know that you wanted a quote on (life insurance, long term care, annuities, etc.) and I'm sure you have dozens of questions about (my company), who I am, why am I here, and how I can help you. And, I promise you, we're going to get to all that. But, before I start talking about me, I want to know about YOU. Tell me about (Mr. Mrs. Ms., etc.) (their last name).

What do you like to do? Where do you work? Just whatever you want to let me know about you so I get to know you better. (Then, I usually find something that I know something about concerning what they've told me, and make a brief comment on it.)

Life Insurance Sales Tip Part II:

Then I say: "Well, I've been in life insurance for about eight years. I started as a customer service representative for a Fortune 500 company, and I found a lot of people were saying that I could explain things better than their agent, and that I provided more options. Then some of them started asking me to be their agent. And, I had to explain that I couldn't because I wasn't licensed.

After listening to that for about eight years, I was fortunate enough to

have (my company) ask me to be an agent. That way, I figured I could get straight to the people where I could help them the best, sitting right in front of them. (This just happens to be my experience, but you can substitute your experience or reasons for getting into the business here.)

Life Insurance Sales Tip Part III:

Then, I just go right into the company presentation. At the end, I use the close that was taught to me by my General Manager, which is: "Can you think of any questions or concerns that I might not have covered?"


"I can't either, but I'm sure that you will have some over the next few days. But, just like I want you to think about it, (my company) has to think about whether or not they can take you on as a policyholder. So, let's go ahead and get some information so they can do that."

Life Insurance Sales Tip Part IV:

Then, at the end of the presentation, I say, "Now, I can turn this in right as it is. But, if I come back, and I find you sitting in an oxygen tent, do you think I can deliver the policy? Nope. I can't. I have to go back and report this to the company that you've gotten worse. But, if I take a check from you today, I can issue you a binding receipt that will provide coverage until they either take you on as a policyholder or decline you. Even, if you were to die while they're doing the underwriting, we can't tell them you've died. They have to continue to see if you might have been rated higher or lower. If it's lower, we would issue a check to your beneficiary plus the refund. If it was higher, then we have the beneficiary cut us a check for the difference."

(Then, looking at the beneficiary, I say) "You'd pay an extra $20 if it meant getting $100,000, wouldn't you? Then, go ahead and give me a check for (XX) amount, and we'll make sure your covered. Then, if you read in the paper tomorrow morning that (my name) died, you call up my wife, get the phone number to the office, and tell them: Find The Policy, because I've got this binding receipt, and (my first name) told me I'm covered!

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