Insurance Fax Marketing Is Not Legal
Or Is It*?

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Is insurance fax marketing and fax lead generation legal?

Lets find out...

I've been getting a fax like the one that is on this page for years now. I've been meaning to critique it and show it to you as a subscriber of mine, but then I decided to do a little research on the subject of fax marketing because I thought it was illegal. But then again, I get faxes all the time for travel and insurance companies. So what gives?

According to one company we contacted they say that faxing is NOT Legal. But he went on to say that they have over 40 life and health agents faxing nationwide with great success.

According to this particular company they are 'overloaded with Life agents', but they are accepting health agents.

Another fax lead generation company says on their website, "To develop a successful fax marketing program, it is required by Federal law (Which Supersedes State law) that you DO NOT OFFER ANYTHING FOR THE SALE OF ANY REAL PROPERTY, GOODS, OR SERVICES."

They go on to give examples of what is 'right' and what is 'wrong' in terms of how you present your offer. I assume one is legal and the other is not, according to them. Although it sounds like they are saying it's legal, they don't say it outright.

Some fax lead generation companies fax for you, others sell you fax systems. What they do is sell you a fax system so that you can fax 1,000 faxes a day or more.

The system works in terms of generating insurance leads because of the sheer volume. To get a constant flow of fax leads you will need multiple fax lines, 8-16 lines or more.

The companies that sell the fax systems set an agent up with his or her own computer so that you can send your own faxes. They probably have remote access so that they can screen the leads and handle the remove requests. In addition they supply you with business fax numbers (several million fax numbers are available).

According to one company we contacted the way they keep agents 'safe' is by creating the fax for you. They don't put a company name, phone number, or fax number on the fax. There is a website at the bottom of these faxes where you can request to be removed from their lists (I don't know if this removes you from all fax lists). Then they distribute the fax leads to the agents based upon the code which is at the bottom of each fax.

What Should I Do?

*I don't recommend fax marketing because it is not legal (but at least one fax marketing company will disagree as I explained above). If you are willing to take the risks and advice of the fax lead generation and marketing companies that are advertising online then that is on you. However, there are better alternatives that are legal and prosperous...

I recommend buying leads and while you are following up on those leads and closing deals, create and test your own insurance lead generation system.

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