How To Sell Insurance Using The Back Door!

Learning how to sell insurance is a constant process. You will learn all kinds of tricks of the trade as you advance in your career selling insurance.

Here's a secret that most insurance agents don't know about...

It's less about how to sell insurance and more about how to get qualified prospects to listen to you.

For example, selling life insurance is very difficult for the new agent if that is their sole product and they don't have any estate planning, or financial planning education. Marketing life insurance as a front end product is hard. A new life insurance agent will be forced to use the 'save money' approach in many cases, unless they have a mentor who can help them market via estate planning and financial planning methods.

A financial advisor has a better chance of making a life insurance sale because they can market and approach life insurance from the back end. For example, if a financial advisor is producing a financial plan or estate plan for a client, a natural solution to helping them protect their estate and to care for dependents is to include life insurance (or more life insurance).

Secondly, you have a lot more to work with in your marketing. For example, are more people going to respond to Life Insurance For Just $1.00 A Day, or Save Up To 70% On Your Life Insurance: FreeQuote, or are they more likely to respond to, How To Pay For Your Child's College Education Without Tapping Into Your Retirement or Mortgaging Your Home! Or, FREE Guide: Certified Financial Planner Reveals The Secrets To Retiring Wealthy!

In the life instance example you may get a few inquiries, but they are shopping around. In the second example people want more information on your services, and as a result you put them into a marketing funnel that eventually leads them to an appointment, with no pre conceived notions about price. Just how the heck do I get started!

As you can see, learning how to sell life insurance becomes less of a factor.

That's not to say there are no opportunities to sell life insurance. There are lots of people searching for life insurance on the Internet, and many people want mortgage life insurance. Competition is fierce, but if you have a good marketing system or you buy insurance leads and you can really sell, then you can make a pretty good living.

But learn how to sell insurance properly from a well trained professional. If you don't have the luxury of a mentor, study the insurance selling greats.

I am not sales star, but I can close. And the reason for that is because I only talk with qualified prospects. And when I feel resistance I tend to fall back on the old Feel, Felt, Found. If you don't know what that is, you really need to study your sales techniques. You can post a question and study a few tips from your fellow sales professionals here. You'll learn how to sell insurance more effectively.

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