Qualified Life Insurance Leads For Agents!

A good place to buy life insurance leads for agents or financial advisors is here.

We recommend that company because they have a very solid life insurance lead generation system, and they are very good at crediting bad leads that get through their filter.

They have a range of life insurance lead types and other insurance sales leads. You can get term life insurance leads, health insurance leads, group, home, business insurance leads and more.

They are totally focused on generating quality leads.

You will also be able to get free life insurance leads as a first time buyer. They will match up to 15 leads. It's a good deal and you should do it.

We recommend buying 15 leads, and therefore getting 30 total. This way you will maximize your results.

How To Follow Up On Life Insurance Leads For Agents:

When you buy life insurance leads for agents you will discover that closing them is made easier when you are consistent with your follow up and you do it right away. And if you don't close your prospect, don't forget about them. Keep them on a drip system for as long as it takes until they close or ask you to stop. Send follow emails, phone them, and even send a direct mail letter or postcard.

When someone is looking for insurance online, they are looking for a deal. So don't try to sell a Universal Life or Whole Life Policy if they are looking for cheap term insurance.

Get them the best deal you can on a term life insurance policy, and build your client base. Now you have a client. And so what if you don't make a lot on the front end. It's about upselling and referrals so do a phenomenal job from the beginning, and then get them into the door for your financial planning or insurance products.

The biggest mistakes in terms of life insurance leads for agents are:

  1. Terrible email and phone follow up. Sell them what they want. Not what you or your agency wants.
  2. Forgetting about the prospect. Just because they don't close in the first week or two doesn't mean they won't in the future. Keep on top of them and use quality marketing outside of email. Use direct mail as well. There is gold in those old leads so keep on top of them. If you close 1 out of 20 of your old dead life insurance leads for agents, it's still worth your time and effort because you will sell more products and get more referrals from them.

If you are looking for life insurance leads for agencies, you should consider this company as well. They have an excellent support structure, and if you have a problem with some leads they will credit them. You might even be able to negotiate better pricing on leads if you buy life insurance leads for agencies in bulk.

If for some reason you don't want to use this company read this article on free life insurance leads for agents because there are 2 more companies that are just as good. We like this company because of our dealings with them but agents get different results from different lead providers depending on their area.

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