Old School Prospecting Techniques: This Little Known Marketing Secret Gets Appointments With Hard To Reach Clients...

Prospecting techniques that require cold calling are no fun. But this prospecting idea makes it a breeze. And you'll find it to be very rewarding if you take the time to implement it.

As you will see, it's a step up...a big step up from simply mailing prospecting letters. And it's a great alternative because you'll land big ticket deals. Even if one in ten or twenty gets you an appointment (assuming you are good in front of people)...

As you can see this prospecting sales technique is unique and has tremendous impact. All of which you need to break through the clutter and get noticed by busy business owners and executives.

If you are successful using regular letters, then this will work like gangbusters. Use it at the end of a sequence of prospecting letters or lead generation letters, and you'll probably bump the response rates up.

Let me know when you give it a shot.

More Prospecting Techniques You Can Use Today!

Sales prospecting is a science more than it is an art form. The great prospectors are constantly testing and changing their pre approach marketing techniques. And those that continue to pound the pavement and cold call with success test scripts and objection handling to the point of perfection.

I am not a fan of cold calling. But I do know that it is necessary for agents and planners with absolutely no money or ideas. And that's a hard place to be in.

With that said, using the internet and direct mail are exceptional insurance lead generation tools and if you do it right (and it's not difficult), you can use them as your 'go to' prospecting techniques and tools for the rest of your career.

And lets not forget about referral marketing because even if you have no money or ideas, you can go back to your client base and generate referred leads or use this sales prospecting technique to generate droves or referred leads...

Insurance Sales Prospecting Techniques Side Bar: I highly recommend using the internet to generate leads with your own website because most agents and planners don't understand it, or don't make the time to do it. Secondly, I recommend buying leads to fill your schedule while you are getting up and running on the internet side of things.

If you have extra cash to spare, then you should test direct mail lead generation as well. It's more costly, but as postage rates increase you'll find that there is not nearly as much competition for attention in the mail box.

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Copyright Insurance Leads Advisor All Rights Reserved.