A Short Guide To Health Care Marketing

It would be wise to study health care marketing if you want to grow your insurance and financial planning practice.

Marketing health care is a tough nut to crack. But successful marketing is worth studying because you may be able to borrow some ideas for your health insurance and regular insurance marketing systems.

You will also be able to speak more intelligently about health insurance and health care as a result of studying the marketing of health care. Do a search on Google for 'health care marketing' and look at the results on the Web portion of the search, and also on the News portion of the search.

In our area, Kaiser is really big in the health care marketing field. They are basically marketing an HMO, and studying some of what they are doing would be worth your time. We get Val Pak coupons with their health care marketing messages, and they are doing a lot of brand marketing on the TV (do not get involved in brand marketing. It's a huge waste of money, and it's a big gamble. See our other articles throughout this site to learn more effective direct marketing strategies...the only form of marketing that gets results).

Kaiser's Val-Pak coupon is not bad. It could be dramatically improved from the headline to the body copy. The headline reads...


The first of many mistakes is they have the headline in ALL CAPS, which you should NEVER do because it's hard to read. Coupled with an inverse font (white with turquoise background) makes it a major flaw.

The second mistake is that the headline is very weak.

Below and to the left is a nice picture of a woman doing a push up and smiling.

The middle is where they list their features (no benefits, mistake #2).

On the far right and below the headline is one of their strongest areas. They have a lead generation ad that reads, "Get your FREE Information Kit and Healthy Living Tips". There is a toll free number to call.

This is a perfect example of good direct response marketing because it will get the people who are 'thinking about it' on their mailing list and if they are smart they will continue to mail to these people with effect sales letters and information pieces. How can they make this portion of the ad better? The toll free number is a little bit threatening because you don't know if you are going to be speaking with a sale rep or a live person or not. And a lot of people don't want to. So what you do is market the toll free number as a voicemail box, as well has have a direct number to call to speak with a rep. Borrow this.

On the back of this health care marketing coupon is a headline, "Find the perfect balance between cost and coverage", and below the headline are all the prices for different plans. This isn't a bad headline. But I am not so sure about revealing all the rates on the coupon.

How do you make this health care marketing piece better? Test. Test a marketing piece that reveals all that rates against one that does not. And on the health care marketing piece that does not have the prices you should push the lead generation portion. Measure response on both and use the better piece as your control.

Secondly, use more PROOF. There is not credibility built into this marketing piece. No testimonials or endorsements. No pictures of real doctors with captions, etc.

There is a lot they could do better and I could conduct an entire seminar on this.

Hopefully you've gained a little bit more knowledge for your next health care marketing system or insurance marketing endeavor.

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