Insurance Referral System: A Fun Way To Generate Referrals!

This insurance referral system is courtesy of the same guy who brought you these killer programs (Jason Hornung): Mobile Marketing System, Google Leads, and Insurance Online Marketing. Get his stuff, and then read this great new referral technique:

When I was last in agency full time, I developed a program that took off like wildfire and resulted in about 35-50% of all our new households added each month.

Insurance Referral System Part 1

What I did was develop a client of the month and client of the year program. Now let me preface this by saying that it does stretch into what many people consider to be the gray area of rebating…

So you will need to check with your specific state's guidelines as well as your company guidelines on rebating. Some companies will take a harder stance than the actual state.This program did not actually break any rebating laws in any of the 4 states I've been licensed in. Every law that I've read states that rebating is paying someone more than the limit (usually $10) for purchasing a policy.

Rebating does not extend into the area of compensating people for referrals, as long as you don't stipulate that the referral MUST buy something from you.

Insurance Referral System Part 2

With all that being said, here's how the client of the month & year program work. I'd have everyone in my office end each interaction with a prospect or client by asking them one question:

Have you heard about our client of the month program?

They would then go on to explain how the client who referred the most people to our office for a quote (they didn't have to buy) during the month would get a "night out on the town for 2". This includes a $50 Visa gift card to use at their favorite restaurant and 2 movie passes.

Insurance Referral System Part 3

**Note - I'd buy the movie passes that don't expire and have 2-3 months supply of them and the gift cards at my office.

The staff person or myself would also explain that the client who referred the most people to us over the course of the year would get some big prize in December. I usually did a 42" flat screen TV. Any big ticket electronic works well…

Then we'd tell the client that we keep track of it all and will announce the winners. All they have to do is make sure that their referrals mention their name.

Insurance Referral System Part 4

After that, we'd ask them if we had served them well enough to earn their support by participating in the program.

People absolutely loved this program. We had a core group of 15-20 clients that would each refer 5-10 households a month.

Think about how much additional business you could write each month by having 15 clients refer 5 households each to you every month?

We kept a spreadsheet on Google docs with all the clients who sent referrals and who they referred. That way it was in a central location that everyone could update.

I also did a client newsletter, so when the month was over and we had a winner, I would invite the winner to my office to get their gift card and movie tickets. We'd get a picture together and put an announcement on the front page of the next month's newsletter.This really advanced the program by generating social proof and the clients really loved the appreciation.

That's it, go out and build yourself a client of the month & year program and start getting massive referrals.

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