Generate Mortgage Protection Leads Or Buy Them?

So you want mortgage protection leads, but you don't know if you should buy them or try and generate mortgage leads yourself. Am I right?

Good news Top Gun. I am going to show you how and where to buy them, and how to generate them on your own.

Why am I showing you how buy mortgage protection leads AND how to generate them? Because I am a firm believer that you can do it yourself, and build your business faster as a result of your own lead generation efforts. But I also believe you should by mortgage protection leads (otherwise known as mortgage insurance leads) to fill up your appointment book during slow weeks or months.

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OK, so we covered how to buy insurance leads. Now lets cover how to generate your own mortgage protection leads.

You have many options. You can use direct mail lead generation, magazine and newspaper advertising, coupons, and my insurance lead generation.

In my opinion, direct mail and online marketing are your best options. But do your own tests.

In my older article on mortgage life insurance leads, I cover direct mail in more detail. So in this article I will cover online marketing...

There are two ways to generate traffic to your site (there are more but I am focusing on the top two): Free and Paid traffic.

Free traffic is your best friend because, well, it's free. But it takes some time to 'grow'. Here's how to get free mortgage protection leads traffic (and any traffic you want for any insurance product like annuity leads, auto insurance leads, long term care leads, etc.)...

You must optimize your website for the keywords that you want to target.

Step 1: Find what people are searching for. If you discover, for example, that people are typing these keyword phrases into the search engines, then you must build a page around each keyword phrase: 'mortgage insurance', 'mortgage insurance quote', 'mortgage life insurance', 'mortgage protection'. Etc.

In this example you would write an article about 'mortgage insurance' (and all the other keyword phrases as separate pages) and make sure you use that keyword phrase in your article in the:

  • Headline
  • First Sentence
  • Article Body

But only use it about 5 times for every 400 or 500 words per page on your mortgage protection insurance leads website, not including your headline.

Step 2: Write unique articles on all keyword phrases and link to them from your index page.

Side Bar: Your index page should be optimized around your main keyword phrase.

Step 3: For local optimization, include your town and city in your 'meta tags' and in your articles. Even include your zip code.

Step 4: Link to your mortgage protection leads website. Get links into your website from other websites, and online directories. If you don't have links coming into your website, Google will think your site is not very important.

Big Tip: Make sure you link to your lead capture form. This is where you will ask for your prospects contact information in exchange for something of value. Follow up with them using an auto responder for automated insurance email marketing. This will be the key to building your list and making sales without working hard.

Pay Per Click Advertising And Mortgage Protection Leads

Drive instant traffic using Google Adwords. Google Adwords is Google's pay per click search engine. I don't want to spend a lot of time on this because it's complicated. But the main thing is to target the keyword phrases.

Let me know if you want more information on this area of mortgage protection lead generation and I will write about it or make a video.

If this is something you are interested in, I can help on a consultancy basis. Or, you can hire an Adwords specialist.

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