Niches: Powerful Prospecting Tips

The following prospecting tips are exceptionally powerful. They will point the way to prospects with money. They are simple prospecting ideas that will produce a flow of new clients. But don't take them for granted, because they are also very underrated, and frankly, sales 'pro's' have not been exploiting them properly.

One of the most powerful prospecting ideas comes from direct response marketing: target a tiny little niche and market the heck out of it. For example, a software company trying to compete with Microsoft Windows would have a very difficult time competing, especially if these programmers are working out of their basement.

SIDE BAR: I know, you are wondering why I am talking about software and how it relates to these prospecting tips. Just go with me on this…

These programmers could target a tiny little niche and develop a program to satisfy the businesses in that niche. For example, they could create a customer database program that manages customers and orders for a Dry Cleaning business. As you can see the targeted niche is dry cleaners. They could target all businesses with this program, but they would be competing with giant software companies. Not to mention many problems will show themselves, including price, and high advertising costs.

Your plan should be to identify a niche, and tweak your marketing message to match that niche. It's one of the first prospecting tips you should put into action. For example, you don't help business owners plan for retirement. You help owners of Dry Cleaning businesses plan for retirement. But before you start shouting, "I help Dry Cleaner business owners", or any other business niche, you have to show these people you understand their business. And you do this through multiple contacts, information, and direct response marketing. Here's a big hint: A newsletter is a great tool for this. But it should not be your only tool.

For those of you who have been keeping up on my articles, the above prospecting tip is nothing new to you. I am constantly preaching 'niche' marketing. Because it works. But here is a bonus prospecting tip:

Identify a niche that people are passionate about. Even better, target a niche that you are passionate about.

For example, I am studying the classic sports car market. I have discovered that there are endless niches in this large niche alone. There are Porsche 911 clubs, various Ferrari clubs, even clubs for rare cars with as few as 40!!! Make yourself visible in one (or more) niches such as these. And if you are a Porsche or Ferrari owner…or any classic car owner, start marketing in this niche.

It should go without saying, but people who own these cars usually have lots of money. Which leads me to bonus prospecting tip #2:

Baby Boomers. Can you guess what baby boomers are buying like hot cakes? It's definitely not Long Term Care. Answer: the cars they drove as teenagers. Muscle Cars. In the last several years, prices of classic muscle cars have skyrocketed because the baby boomers are entering this market with enthusiasm. What car where you driving back then? Or, what muscle car would you like to own? Join the club, and get 'Visible'.

These prospecting tips will keep you very busy, and I know you will squeeze out a ton of new business from them.

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SIDE BAR: By the way, 'planning for retirement' is a weak 'benefit statement'. So don't use it. Invent your own benefit statement that draws people to you. For more prospecting tips and ideas, See my marketing programs for more on 'benefit statements' and all kinds of effective prospecting and marketing tools.

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