Final Expense Marketing Techniques and Secrets...

Final expense marketing can be much easier if you:

  • Target your audience
  • Systematize your efforts
  • Test marketing messages
  • Test different media

Sounds like a lot to do for a simple product like final expense or burial insurance. But once you get your hands dirty in the final expense marketing arena and see results, you'll be hooked.

Here' how to target your audience in terms of final expense direct mail marketing (and then I'll cover more advanced areas like internet marketing)...

You might think that everyone is your audience when it comes to final expense marketing. After all, nobody lives forever. Or, you might think that seniors are your market. In both cases you would be wrong. Let me explain...

Everyone is not your market because most people are not even thinking about death, or they don't even want to discus the subject.

Seniors are a target audience, but it's to wide. You have to target even deeper. For example, many seniors have plenty of money or they believe that their Will or their estate plan has taken care of everything.

When it comes to marketing final expense life insurance to seniors you can buy lists of individuals who have asked for information or bought things related to estate planning, wills, trusts, or even life insurance.

You can buy lists from magazine and newsletter publishers who target this area. Review the list data of paid subscriptions first.

Your last resort would be to buy a compiled list of seniors. If you have the budget it might be worth testing, but compiled names are people who have not shown any interest in the area of final expenses.

Advanced Direct Final Expense Marketing:

Back door marketing. Help people get their Will's created for free and sell your final expense or life insurance plan (or anything else you want) on the back end. This is one of the most effective strategies because you are getting people to know, like, and trust you by offering a quality free service that people are interested in. As a result they are going to be likely to buy from you. And at the very least you will build your list much faster and you can keep marketing to it over and over for years.

Read more about using a Will as an effective prospecting tool for insurance lead generation and final expense marketing.

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Articles in senior publications. Ask if you can write an article for the publication. If they say no, then make a deal. Tell them that you will buy advertising space on the condition that you get to write an article and have your final expense marketing piece in the article or on the right hand page.

Television. You can create cheap television ads and test them late at night where the rates are inexpensive. If you find an ad that works move it up into more competitive time slots. You can do this easily through Google Adwords.

Final Expense Marketing and Online Lead Generation: Perhaps my favorite subject is generating leads online, and frankly I'm good at it. The key here is to find...

  • The right keywords (words and phrases that people are searching for on the internet).
  • Creating a killer landing page (where a prospect 'lands' when they find your link).
  • Direct traffic to your landing page (use pay per click and natural search engine optimization to get targeted traffic to your site).

That's it in a nutshell.

The key for all of these and other final expense lead generation methods is to systematize them. Especially a final expense marketing program that is working well. Do not start and stop it. Keep it going, and improve upon it...

For more final expense and insurance marketing ideas get on our list now. We are just scratching the surface here.

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